Make Your Own Affordable Jewellery Using Glass Beads


Beaded jewellery is quite popular amongst women of all ages. You will find a galore of different kinds of beads available, both online and offline. Beads come in varieties such as acrylics, terracotta, glass, stones, wood, lamp works, resin, crystal, metal, woven, etc.

The rounded glass beads come in the regular size of fourteen millimetres with a one millimetre of hole drilled in them. You can use a chord, a thin metallic chain, or a thread through these glass beads and make a bracelet, chain, or a necklace.

Each packet of glass beads consists of fifty pieces of the same design or assorted ones. A bead in glass material comes in the shape of a toffee, a lotus, a barrel, a mug, etc. The prints and colours on these beads are very vivid and attractive. You can especially wear them during summer and spring. They are, however, unsuitable on formals. Most of them come with a discounted price. The discount on each packet of these beads varies from six percent to fifteen percent. You might as well get a special discounted price, if you place a bulk order. Twenty dollars for a pack of fifty glass beads is not bad at all. You can make your own necklace for these twenty dollars.

Prints of American flag, abstract designs, floral prints, etc, are found on these glass beads. They are also found in the prints of Aztec designs, solid colours, double colours, etc. The crackle varieties of glass beads are also popular. They come in a single colour but have the effect of a crushed glass inside these beads. It gives them the three-dimensional look on the inside as well.

You can use beads of glass in different solid colours and create long necklaces for carnival and Mardi grass events. Not only have that, if you enjoy beach hiking, do it in style! These varieties of beads are not heavy and you can wear them on your trekking trips too. Men can use solid colours such as black, white, olive green, etc. You can use an elastic band to make bracelets and wear them. Wear a guyabera shirt, beaded accessories and go Miami and Cuban style! Beads when used in the right way can make men look stylish too. Nothing over the top about these beads in glass material.

Little kids can wear these beaded necklaces on top of their satin dresses. Not only that, you can use these for embroidering your cushion covers, curtains, dresses, hair bands, etc. The picture of a beaded curtain is something you would love to show off on your favourite social network. Using these beads in glass, you can also embellish those straps on your sandals, the long belts of your bags; make key chain tassels, etc.

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