7 Tips To Remember When Buying Handbag


For most of the women, the handbag is more than an accessory; it is a beautiful cave where we can store everything that we require. From makeup to children’s diapers, we stock everything in it. Though we used to purchase a lot of handbags, most of us often find it difficult to choose such a handbag which is both beautiful and practical. If you also find it difficult, we are here sharing some awesome tips to remember when buying handbag.

1. It should not be heavy

Whether you have children or not carrying a handbag that is too heavy can cause long term health problems. Over heavy bags cause pain in the back, neck, shoulders, and muscles. A report published in the Journal of physical therapy science states that carrying a bag on one side can impact your walking. The researchers finally concluded in their research that one should not carry a bag on one side for a long time. Handbags made of leather are great but before spending your money on them, check out how heavy they are. Buying a bag that is too heavy is not good for your health.

2. Comfort comes first not last

Not only clothing should be checked for comfort but handbags should also be examined carefully for comfort. A handbag should be comfortably carried on your shoulder. So, before buying your dream handbag notice does it slide off your shoulder too easily? Do you have to carry it through a handle because the straps are too loose?

It’s doesn’t matter how lovely the handbag is? If it is not providing you the right kind of comfort it is not worth purchasing. In case, if you are not able to find a comfortable handbag, you can buy directly from a handbag manufacturer . They will design your bag according to your requirements.

3. Don’t forget handbag compartments

Most of the ladies make this mistake, they get so impressed with the looks of the bag that they forget to look if it has a compartment or not. Some purses do not have compartments while others do have central divider pocket and side pockets. It is wise to look for such a handbag which has separate compartments. You can keep your cards, car keys, phone, glasses, pen, etc in these pockets. Putting your stuff in separate compartments help you access your stuff easily and keep your life organized.

4. Bag zip plays an important role

It is not possible to imagine a purse without a zip as it is so important. We recommend you to not stock extra stuff in your bag. Zips can get stuck with your stuff making everything fall on the ground. If you need to carry more stuff, buy an extra bag from a backpack manufacturer or buy a fully close handbag, so that in case if the zip is damaged, your stuff will not fall out

5. What about color and aesthetics?

Well, most of us look for such bags that are beautiful in style and design. But when it comes to color, we try to match it with our clothes. A handbag whose design is fairly plain can go well with your dresses. If you are dressing basic, make sure your handbag has some extra details.

6. Can you add something?

Gone are the days when only manufacturers can decide what to add in a purse and what to not. Now you can decide what you want to integrate with your handbag to make it look more aesthetic. Several handbag manufacturers provide customization services that can let you make a handbag of your dreams.

7. A bag that can go with every occasion

An everyday bag must be related to your work attire and casual outfits. But the questions arise, how to select a bag that goes with every outfit. You can do one thing for this; try to match the color of the bag with your hair color. As you are wearing your hair everywhere, matching your bag, belt and other accessories with your hair would be great.

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