Latest Trends in Groom’s Wear

Weddings have always been a huge part of Indian culture. They are a time of joy and celebration, when friends and family from distant places gather together to eat, dance and witness the auspicious union of two souls. The Big Fat Indian Wedding is a reality as most couples opt to have a huge, all-out celebration at the time of their wedding, composed of several social functions and religious ceremonies.
Come wedding season, women as well as men make a beeline for ethnic fashion stores to stock up on the latest styles and varieties. With every season, trends and styles keep changing to reflect the latest designer fashions and innovations, not just for bridal sarees and wedding lehengas but also for sherwani for groom wear and Indian kurta pyjamas.
Men’s wedding fashion and grooms wear ethnic clothing, in particular, has come a long way in the last two decades. Earlier, grooms typically wore the traditional outfit that was the expected wedding attire in their community.
For instance, in the northern states like Punjab and Haryana, a long kurta in a traditional shade of yellow, red or gold, with intricate work done all over, is what most grooms are expected to wear, while in the southern states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala, an angvasthram (thick shawl with rich gold borders) with a dhoti is the most auspicious outfit for wedding occasions. These kinds of traditional outfits are still very popular and commonly worn, but now men have a much greater variety to choose from in terms of colors and designs. There is also a lot more multiculturalism as outfits like the groom sherwani and Indian kurta have become universally popular across the country. Often, the outfit is only chosen after considering aspects like style, fashion and aesthetics, as well as the cultural and religious significance.
The biggest trend that has emerged in fashion is sherwani. This royal outfit closely resembles a kurta but has a much more impressive silhouette. The sherwani for groom wear fits beautifully and has a thick, coat like appearance that adds an element of formality to the whole ensemble. Traditionally, this outfit was made with heavy, woven silks and rich Banarasi brocades which further enhanced the opulence and beauty of the outfit.
Designers have continued this trend but are experimenting with more interesting and unusual embellishments like crystals, sequins, western motifs made using colorful threads and looped buttons. In terms of colors also there are a lot more choices now available in the market besides the classic white, beige and gold groom sherwani and churidars; now, a black sherwani with dazzling crystal work and intricate metallic designs is a common sight in wedding.
Grooms who want a slightly unusual, fusion look often opt to pair up a groom sherwani with dhotis or dhoti pants. This creates a very traditional yet stylish look and can be the perfect choice for grooms who want to stand out from the crowd.

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